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Their Royal Highnesses

September 28th, 2013

An announcement from TRH

Be it known that as both Her Royal Highness and I are great lovers of spear fighting we will have a spear tournament as soon as it can be arranged after morning court this weekend.

The format shall be as follows:

Item: 6 ft spears only shall be used;
Item: All fights shall be over a barrier;
Item: The tournament will be a bearpit format with any double-kills resulting in both fighters retiring from the field;
Item: This tournament shall only run until I can don my harness and make one pass at the barrier.

Immediately after I make one pass at the barrier the Passage of Arms will begin.

In joy of combat I set forth this challenge,

Greetings Good Gentles, nobility of the Realm and honored visitors from other Kingdoms in the Knowne World,

The Canton of Harrowgate Heath is pleased to present the Coronation of Nigel II and Adrielle II. Step back with us into the 14th century; enjoy fighting and feasting, display your art and science projects, and bear witness as Nigel II and Adrielle II are crowned King and Queen of Ealdormere.

Harrowgate Heath has been working hard to prepare this event, but we would also like to recognize the help we have received from friends throughout the Barony of Skraeling Althing and beyond.

This event has truly been a group effort, and for that we are thankful.

The site has a firm closing time of 9:30pm. We are required to be off-site and the security alarms set by that time. Please be aware of this when planning your day.

Feast MUST be pre-registered. Please see feast page. Registration questions can also be forwarded to Lord Richard's e-mail address rpcook@pobox.com

The site is dry.

For those wishing to purchase drinks (pop or water), there are vending machines on site. Otherwise, please prepare accordingly and bring your own.

There are a number of restaurants and some grocery stores within 5 minutes of the event site. The school is close to downtown Cornwall and a number of places to eat or shop can be found on Brookdale Avenue.

Newcomer information can be found at Harrowgate Heath's Newcomer Page

Some of our scribes are getting together to provide a coffee bar and bake sale, the proceeds from which will go to the Kingdom and Caldrithig Teachers Fund.

For all other inquiries please e-mail Posadnitsa Xristina Viacheslavova (Melina Chestley) our autocrat.