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A&S 50 Display

For those who are participating in the Knowne World A&S 50 challenge this is a chance to display what you've completed, what you're still working on and what you may still be planning.

White Wolf Fian Display

A display by those members of the White Wolf Fian. Come and see what has already been accomplished. Learn more about the White Wolf Fian and perhaps think about challenging in yourself.

A&S Competitions

For Fall Coronation Her Highness has requested a display of skills by the artisans of Ealdormere at her and her Lord's Coronation on September 28th.

To that end we are going to have in addition to the 2 displays above, 3 Competitions.

There will be two People's Choice A&S Competitions.

1) Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced.

2) Crafted Items that will be gifted to the Lupine Crown to be used as gifts throughout their reign. Her Highness is providing the gifts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

There will also be a Royals/ Barons / Baronesses Choice Competition.This competition will include both the Largesse and the normal competition entrants. Allattendants who are current Royals, Barons, or Baronesses will be given special tickets for them to vote for their favorite item of both competitions. A special prize will be awarded the entry with the most votes.

Heraldic Consultation

There will be heralds available for questions and submissions help.

Armoured combat Tournaments

A Coronation Passage of Armes of Nigel and Adrielle

Unto all those of Chivalric demeanor and Noble bearing who seek renown and wordfame and who revel in the joy of chivalric combat, of whatever estate, title or degree, be they gentle, high and noble or base, common and popular, does Nigel, Prince of Ealdormere, send greetings.

In the name of Divine Inspiration, to exalt the name of my wife Adrielle, Princess of Ealdormere, on the day of Our Coronation, We shall offer combat on the field, a plaissance, with sword and shield, sword and buckler, longsword, and polearm , lance, axe, sword and dagger or lesser weapons of such length as any who wishes to have may challenge Us.

We shall take to the field, armed and armoured within the lists, and shall gather gentles of good cote armour to stand at Our side so that any that wish to see the love that We have for my Lady may challenge Us. As was the manner of our ancestors, with the gathered tenans We shall seek to advance the name of Our Queen. We shall meet all challengers, each armed in such harness as pleases him, that wish to strive with honorable weapons.

ITEM:    This deed shall take place on the twenty-eighth day of September, in the Canton of Harrowgate Heath, on the feast day of St. Wenceslas and the eve of Michaelmas, the hour after We ascend the Lupine Thrones.

ITEM:    All combatants shall be armed with the accustomed armour for combating in list.

ITEM:    All Challengers shall enjoy the choice of weapons and terms of combat be it counted blows or the convention of acting out blows in single combat or melee. Should any person be unprovided with appropriate weapons, We will furnish them with the same, similar to Our own or to those of Our companions.

ITEM:    During any passes done under the terms of counted blows, should any combatant touch the ground with his hand or knees, he shall be burdened with the task of presenting his adversary with a ransom of whatever value or nature he please. That ransom may be anything that the combatant decides is befitting of the encounter.

ITEM:    That We shall meet not less than thirty-one challenges brought forth as to commemorate this 31st reign of the Royal Household of Ealdormere.

We beseech all princes, barons, knights, and esquires, not to construe this Our intention as proceeding from any presumption on Our part for Our sole motive is to exalt the name of the Queen and also to make acquaintance by arms with such renowned and valiant princes, nobles and any others as may be pleased to honour Us with their company.

Let no prince, baron, knight, esquire or any puissant combatants pass within a quarter of a league of the spot assigned for these combats without entering the lists and taking part, or otherwise leaving as pledges his sword or spurs, according, to his pleasure.

And by virtue of the noble pardon of arms, surety will be given to all foreign worthies who wish to come to the said festival by virtue of the truce granted during this high feast without any hindrance being given to them. And concerning that matter, all who wish, shall have safe conduct from the King our sovereign lord.

To which I set my hand and seal,
Prince of Ealdormere

The Challenge having been issued, the Passage of Armes is prepared. Ready your weapons and don war-like harness as well as your fairest raiments.

Call forth your households and arrange for the journey leaving behind only those necessary to ensure the safety and well being of your estates.

A valiant host of Tenans and Venans shall assemble as have rarely gathered before and when they take up arms for this noble cause such glorious deeds may never again be seen from this day till the world shall end.

And in the years to come, when our descendants speak of this day take care that you too can say “I was there and I remember.”

Rapier Tournaments

All-Day Ransom Contest:

Throughout the fencing during the day, any time a fencer is incapacitated (both arms lost without having been killed) they are considered “captured” and will have to pay a “ransom” to continue fencing. Each fencer will have a number of tokens to start the day, and the fencer with the most “ransom” tokens at the end of the day will win a really good prize that I've been saving for a special occasion.

Pick-Your-Opponent Challenge Tournament:

This tournament is a chance to meet new fencers and get some bouts in without having to pick a “winner”.

Everyone’s names will be put in a bowl and names will be drawn. The person drawn will get to issue a challenge to any other fencer. We’ll go through the list of names at least once so that everyone is assured of getting a bit of fencing in.

Roll-of-the-dice Bear Pit:

Each time a combatant enters the list they will role a die to determine the weapons form they will use. If they are not authorized in the form rolled, they reroll. (If only authorized in single, no need to roll).

Combatants will fight, winner stays in and will keep the same form as long as they are winning. Once they lose, they will re-roll when they re-enter the list.

Matching forms isn’t necessary as it’s up to lady luck to determine the advantage/disadvantage. However, some consideration when fighting new fencers (particularly if you roll “Open Choice” is encouraged since we’re all here to have fun.

Rolling Chart: